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ERS Improve Bronchiectasis CRC activities include raising the awareness of, and information on, childhood bronchiectasis. This includes providing summaries on the latest news coming out of the field and improving the availability of resources for clinical care. Take a look through the list below to read some of the latest news and view available resources.



Child-BEAR Net Team members are currently undertaking several projects related to the prevention, treatment and/or monitoring of bronchiectasis. 

News and Research Summaries

Two surveys were developed (with the help of the European Lung Foundation) as part of the scope of work led by the European Respiratory Society Paediatric Bronchiectasis Task Force to inform the development of a ‘Clinical practice guideline for managing children and adolescents with bronchiectasis’.

The results from these surveys have now been published in an article in the European Respiratory Journal Open Research -  "Clinical and research priorities for children and young people with bronchiectasis: an international roadmap".

Physiotherapy techniques

Physiotherapy techniques

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